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Rent a bike and travel light

A trip to Belgian Limburg but don't feel like taking your own bike with you or do you want to take the opportunity to test one of the latest Canyon bikes? 
By renting one of our all road or off road bikes you will have a relaxing cycling holiday without any worries.

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"Trying it out" is the magic word: grab every opportunity to test something new or different. Even though some things don't seem interesting on paper, you can only really judge them once you've driven them. Make enough time for each test occasion, both for adjusting and testing the bike itself.

Michel Romen in "Bike Skills"

How it works:

  • Always book your bike first online (go to "booking" page).
  • Pick up or delivery is possible every day, but only by appointment.
  • For the rental contract, we always ask you to present a valid identity document.
  • You are responsible for damage or theft of the bike.
  • The deposit can be paid in cash or by credit card, it will not be charged if the bike is returned undamaged.
  • See: Rental terms and conditions.

Included in the rental price:

  • The bike of your choice, adjusted to your size.
  • repair kit and bicycle pump for any minor breakdown en route.
  • Bicyclelock to lock the bike in case of a possible stop.
  • Battery charger when renting an e-bike.

Do not forget:

  • Bike helmet, recommended on all sports bikes.  Available in renting.
  • Possibility to rent a GPS with your chosen route.
  • You can bring your own pedals, standard we have flat pedals mounted.
  • SPD pedals also available in renting.
  • Small bicycle backpack to take your belongings with you.
  • Possibility of guided bike rides, costs depend on chosen route. 
    Routes with personal guidance can also be adapted to your needs during the trip.

Available models

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