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Rental and sale of e-mountainbikes,
mountainbikes and gravelbikes

Belgium is also considered to be the home of cycling. The province of Limburg, which is a cycling paradise and mountainbike Mecca, is an example of this. 
Rental of quality sports bikes, mountain bikes and gravel bikes
to explore the beautiful nature in our region.

Our range of bikes includes Canyon, Van Nicholas and Ghost bikes.

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Van Nicholas
Ghost bikes

But also for a chat with a nice coffee/special beer or for service you can visit us.

Rentals from Wednesday to Sunday by appointment only.

Rental:                 request via booking only
Bike bar:            open sat. & sun. 10h to 17h
Bike service:                         by appointment only

 'Travel light .... rent a bike' 

The perfectly adapted cycling routes are already or will be specially mapped out for you.

The ideal way to discover the greenest region of Flanders at your own tempo.

Together with our allroad and offroad bikes this will be a guarantee for an unforgettable day.

We have a wide choice of recreational, sporty and/or challenging trips in the region for you.



Seasonal sales

After the rental period, the bikes will be released for sale. You will be able to find these released bikes here.

We are also happy to help you order a new bike. You can have it delivered to us, and we can get it ready for you.

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Discover the real heart of Flanders Limburg

Experience the "cycling paradise Limburg" truly, comfortably and effortlessly,
with Canyon's "e-mountain bikes"

"Limburg differently"

Through the overwhelming nature, the most beautiful panoramas, the many green forests, thousands of water features, large heath landscapes, fantastic sand dunes, picturesque village centres and much more you can discover.

Limburg at its very best



Try B4U buy

You can also rent a bike to test the model before considering a purchase. If you buy a new Ghost or Van Nicholas bike from us within three months of rental, we will refund your rental fee.

When ordering a Canyon bike, you can also choose to have your bike delivered to our shop. We will assemble it completely to your size after which you can pick it up, ready to use.