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Discover Limburg at its most beautiful with our bikes

Through overwhelming nature, the most beautiful panoramas, the many green forests, thousands of ponds, large moors, fantastic sand dunes, picturesque village centers and so much more.

Belgium is also considered to be the home of cycling. The province of Limburg, which is a cycling paradise and mountainbike Mecca, is an example of this. 
"Bike&Trail" rents out quality mountain bikes and gravel bikes for this tour of discovery. We prepare the most beautiful rides according to your wishes.
You can decide the distance and difficulty. Or we put you on the trail of the Limburg gravel routes of Bram Tankink.

In our small but cozy bike bar in Zonhoven, near Hasselt, we serve delicious coffee and/or a special cycling beer. All cyclists are welcome.
Bike bar open: Sat + Sun from 10h-17h
Closure days: monday and tuesday

As one of the only companies in the Benelux we can offer the fantastic Ghost bikes. With their latest Tractionlink suspension system and Superfit fit, Ghost gives you the most modern mountain bikes available.

As a dealer of the great Titanium bikes from Van Nicholas. We can help you with all the information with your desired composition, and fully measure you to order the bike exactly to your size and with your chosen components, this is still possible with Van Nicholas.

We are also happy to help you order a new Canyon bike. You can have it delivered to us and we can prepare it for you.

After a short rental period our bikes are also available for sale. CLICK HERE.



Discover the real heart of Flanders Limburg

Experience the "cycling paradise Limburg" truly, comfortably and effortlessly,
with Canyon's "e-mountain bikes"

"Limburg differently"



Cycling in Flanders 

The essential guide for cycling in Flanders. Suffer like a proper Flandrien on Flanders’ famous bergs & cobbles. Discover impressive routes, cool events, challenging bucket lists and tips to plan your stay. Pay a visit to Flanders’ historic cities and quench your thirst with our famous beers. Discover Flanders like a true Flandrien via this link! 


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